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  The house was almost finished and they were now installing the fuse boxes and some electrical stuff.  I don't remember exactly, but I do remember that Bob the supervisor had brought several funny shaped tall movable buildings that were portable toilets.  the men would go in there sometimes two at a time.  I was dying of curiosity and when everyone had gone home I went to one of the little houses and opened the door...there were two seats, nothing unusual, except I noticed writing on the walls.  I went inside and tried and tried to read the walls but could not. I thought I saw the words cocksucker and someone had written in thick black letters 81/2 inches.  I was crazy with curiosity. That night in bed I saw that toilet with two men sitting on the seats pulling on their dicks. I beat my cock sore, and the next morning I stayed home from school, faking to be sick.  I started following Bob around again and he caught me looking at that huge bulge in his Levi’s, once he moved his belt with the tools around to slightly cover it. 
    Later I asked him why he did that. He said he was getting a hard on and when he got a hard on, you couldn't miss it....I agreed. I also asked him if I could go into the little house. He asked me to wait until later and go in when the guys were all busy doing something and he might follow me in, to wait a few minutes for him. I remember being in a sweat for hours waiting to catch his eye for an o.k. to go in.  Finally he nodded his head and I went in and dropped my pants and sat on the toilet and read the walls. My dick got instantly hard, what I read was an account of cock sizes on all the guys who worked there. Their names, their cock size and how many feet they could shoot their looked like some sort of contest...and by the looks of it, the guy named Chris won hands down...some guys had written "liar" and others had written they would like to see that big of a cock and the load it shot...I was stroking my cock when the door burst open and another guy came in, stopped and looked at me for a minute and turned around and locked the door. He opened his thick belt and dropped his pants down and pushed the pants down around the top of his heavy work boots. When he straightened up he leaned back and I shall never forget what I saw...I have seen bigger cocks since then, but then I let the air out of my lungs. He turned to look at my cock standing straight up and said "ya like what ya see, dude?"  He pulled on his huge balls and his thick fat dick got bigger.  I trembled and shook a little and whispered "yea, it sure is a big one", he said.  "Nine inches and God only knows how fat it is...think you could get it in your mouth?".  I got on my knees in front of him and as my face got closer to his crotch, the smell of fresh wood and sweat came from his balls and open huge legs. I lost control. I tried to swallow the whole thing. I choked and when he pulled back, I pushed his chest back to relax. I sucked that huge cock. Every once in awhile I took it out of my mouth and put my face in his crotch and licked his huge big balls.  I began shooting out of my cock and he tried to move his legs out of the way.  I would not take his cock out of my mouth. He began breathing heavy and I licked and licked and sucked and he began to shoot his cum.  I was taken by surprise at the amount of cum shooting out and pulled his cock out of my mouth.  His monster cock shot in my face, in my hair, on my shirt and I didn't know what to do.  I wanted to stop the steady stream of cum that was going all over me.  I followed the only thing I could think of. I put it back in my mouth.  I had never tasted cum before.  Man, it was sweet, like sugar and not too thick, just tasted real good. I licked that big head clean and when he finally stopped shooting, he fell back on the wall behind him and just stared at me.  I was pulling toilet paper out of the container and trying to wipe myself...he gave a big grin.  I handed him some papers, his balls were wet from my mouth drooling all over his crotch. He wiped some of it and said "gotta wait a few minutes...ok?"....I said "sure, whatever you say....could we do this again sometime...I mean, if its ok with you...I mean, you could do anything you want, if you want....I mean "its cool, dude"'s my phone number, maybe you could come over when I’m alone and well see what happens."  He pulled out paper and pencil and began to write..."and....I like to fuck too....that ok with you?".....I didn't hesitate a minute..."sure...sure...whatever you say....I want to suck your cock again...ok?”, he had a wide grin...(God, he was handsome).... "sure, dude....suck it ...fuck it....who knows?...right?".  He opened the door and in an instant he was gone.  I was alone in the dark again just me and so many wet stains...."Oh man...I’ll never go back to school.  I’ll just stay here and suck all these guys off.  There was a loud knock on the door..."you ok in there?"  It was Bobs voice..."Yea ...ok " hope you had fun with the friend I sent ya".  I pulled my pants up and when I opened the door to answer  he was gone.......oh well... Tomorrow is another day...hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm? THE END

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